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Blog Hop - Crafts

I have been following this blog quite diligently, always anxiously waiting what splendid discovery she has found upon the land of wonders (internet).

Clemence, who is from Genova Switzerland is a happy blogger with many trinkets in her treasure box. You can read all about her here - ABOUT.

Let me share with you on how I stumbled upon her blog, really random manner, actually.One Sunday afternoon, I was going through work and a slight fever was catching up as well. I decided to randomly type in lovely things in Google after working a while. Oh the lovely things popped up, right on top of the Search Engine. Once I have clicked it, browsed through it…this blog has brought me to other crafty,sweet blogs around =) A treasured find, indeed.

Here’s a taste of what Clemence shares on her blog:


Tis the season to be jolly, and Clemence has been sharing her ideas on Christmas gifts. You can find this particular post here - Oh the lovely things

If you craft, love dandy things and sell them, you can also advertise on her blog. Click and find out more - ADVERTISE

You can even get to other blogs as she shares their wonderful recipes, crafts and styles. It is just a click away - HOME

Enjoy! <3

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