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Coffee Chat - Your Choice Makes a Difference

Thank God for giving us options. Like it or not, there are times when you think there are no other choices, you actually made a choice to confine your thoughts to only that and nothing more.

More often than not, it is never easy to make the proper choice, moreover the right choice. For me, choices are simply gateways to opportunities or disappointments. Today, for almost half the day, I chose to worry about my actions and made myself feel miserable about the whole situation. In actual fact, my choice has caused me to lost focus while at work and emotionally sad.

Now, at this moment, I came to my senses to put aside those unhappy thoughts and decided to let it go. Choosing this as my choice, has made things clearer for me and emotionally, I feel relieved of sadness. It is never easy to look the other way when you decide that you have no options, or no choice but to allow yourself to be in a rut. 

Choosing the right choice takes time, but if you choose to be your better self, than to spend all day loathing, hating and complaining…negativity will just drag you down. Share your problems, watch a comedy, write about it, draw, sing it out loud…only when you choose to see that your choice makes a difference, you will be able to pull through that long day and have courage to move on.